The Safe Drinking Water Act established that companies are responsible for the safety of the potable water provided through their systems. Failure to ensure drinking water safety exposes companies to considerable legal and financial risks. Nonetheless, many companies do not recognize their considerable exposure due to noncompliance with local, state, and federal water quality regulations.


The Bottom Line

In helping you to achieve regulatory compliance, we help you to potentially avert millions of dollars in claims and penalties, as well as helping to control insurance rates. A HydroCorp Compliance Audit also helps to prepare you for future concerns, such as system growth and anticipated changes to the regulatory environment. You gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your potable water systems are safe, fully compliant, and problem-free.

Regulatory Expertise

HydroCorp and our teams of cross-connection and backflow prevention professionals aren’t just experts in their field. We have had an active hand in establishing water safety standards and developing safety recommendations in cities and states throughout the country. We have the experience and knowledge needed to quickly identify cross-connection hazards and potential areas of noncompliance, and if a problem is found, we’ll recommend the right remedial efforts to quickly bring your facility in line with local, state and federal regulations.