Through cross-connection control program management, HydroCorp helps public water suppliers across North America ensure safe, regulatory-compliant drinking water in their communities. Cross-connection control programs are our specialty, and HydroCorp has been serving communities of all sizes, from major metropolitan utilities to small local water authorities, for over 30 years.

Custom-Fit To Your Needs

HydroCorp’s highly trained and fully certified professionals provide custom, expert backflow prevention and cross-connection control services. We coordinate with public water suppliers and contractors to address needs arising from system modifications, changing regulations, and meter replacement programs. For accuracy and convenience, we track and maintain data on all customer backflow prevention devices, and offer access to system status at a moment’s notice. With our help, you can protect your citizens’ safe drinking water – while containing or even reducing costs.

HydroCorp Municipal Services

HydroCorp can develop a customized Cross Connection Control program and plan perfectly suited to your water utility’s specific requirements.

We offer a full range of backflow prevention services as well as comprehensive program management: