Every home, business, hospital and industrial facility in your community can put potable water safety at risk. Chemical or biological contamination of water supplies resulting from backflow can cause illness or death, as well as creating multi-million dollar liabilities.


Engineered Efficiency

We help you manage all components and communication requirements from conceptualization through plan implementation. By actively engaging all stakeholders through a consultative process, we ensure that your Cross-Connection Control plan is precisely keyed to your unique needs. HydroCorp’s proven, systematic approach facilitates efficiency during plan development and rollout, and optimizes the effective use of all available resources to ensure that your program remains sustainable and effective.

Budget Conscious

Public water suppliers throughout America understand that safety necessarily comes first, and effective Cross-Connection Control is its foundation. According to the American Water Works Association Research Foundation, more than 90 percent of water utilities nationwide maintain active cross-connection control programs; these consume more than 3.6% of these utilities’ annual budgets.

HydroCorp Cross-Connection Control Planning works to optimize the effectiveness of Cross-Connection Control programs while minimizing costs. Extensive training, expertise, and experience with suppliers of all sizes enables our teams to develop comprehensive plans addressing both direct and indirect cross connections to ensure that drinking water remains contaminant-free.