For most towns and cities that haven’t recently replaced residential water meters, the question isn’t whether to replace outdated systems – it’s when, and more importantly, how. Large-scale water meter replacement is a cost, time, and labor-intensive process that must be executed as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Energetic, Efficient, Expert

HydroCorp can provide the strategic guidance and expert management needed to ensure that meter change-out programs are completed on time, on budget and with a minimum of hassle. HydroCorp helps communities develop and implement change-out programs that contain costs, maximize labor effectiveness and systematize replacement procedures for optimal efficiency. Our expert administrative resources and qualified field staff can administer program deployment, coordinate access with homeowners, and track program progress, reducing the strain on community water system personnel.

Combined Meter Replacement and Cross-Connection Control Survey

Residential cross-connections can create health hazards—and potential liability for municipalities and public water system suppliers. HydroCorp can complete a residential Cross Connection Control Survey as part of the meter replacement process. A dual-purpose project eliminates the need to repeat requests for residential access and on-site visits, and can usually be completed in less than 30 minutes.