An engaged, informed workforce is a key element in effective Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention initiatives – and in protecting water supply safety. HydroCorp training provides comprehensive Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention education in an engaging and interactive format, designed to ensure that information is learned, retained and applied. Our instructors are fully certified in all applicable subject areas, and are acknowledged experts in their field.


Customized Learning

We offer purpose-suited custom training programs to companies of all sizes throughout North America, both through in-person instruction and via secure web-based remote learning sessions. We also host instructional seminars at leading industry trade shows and events, working in cooperation with organizations such as the Rural Water Association, the American Water Works Association, the American Public Works Association and other leading industry groups.

Contact Us to arrange for custom training within your facility or to learn more about upcoming seminars and events.

Meet Our Senior Instructors

Glenn Adamus

Gary McLaren

Paul Patterson

Steven Fox