The HydroCorp team of cross-connection control and backflow consultants can interface with engineering and construction firms at any level, and at any point on their project timelines. We help ensure that potable water systems are safe, protected, and compliant with ever-expanding regulations regarding backflow hazards and legionella prevention. For projects across the country, HydroCorp adds long-term value and peace of mind.

Our partners add a number of HydroCorp specialties to their service offering:

  • Legionella Prevention and Control Services
  • Cross-Connection Control / Backflow Prevention Services
  • Drinking Water System Compliance Surveys / System Drawings

Here are some of the engineering and construction firms that have utilized HydroCorp’s expertise to help protect the safety of their projects’ drinking water. To learn more about working with us, call 800.690.6651.

HydroCorp works with:

M-E-P (Mechanical,
Electrical, Plumbing) Firms

Engineering and
Construction Firms

Facility Management Firms