When it comes to potable water safety, achieving regulatory compliance is only part of the equation. Not all cross-connection control and backflow prevention risks are addressed by regulations. HydroCorp’s services go beyond legal compliance alone, helping to safeguard your company against claims resulting from contamination.


Practical Evaluations

Water systems found in virtually all sizeable commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential developments have their own unique architecture and characteristics – and their own potential for problems. These may pose risks, even if technically compliant with regulations. HydroCorp is experienced in assessing not only the factors needed for regulatory compliance, but for safety in practice: We understand the scientific principles, the equipment, the standards, and the technical considerations affecting potable water systems. What’s more, we understand how people use these systems in practice, and the range of human activities and errors that may compromise the integrity of even the best-designed and maintained systems.

Peace of Mind

HydroCorp can conduct a systematic, thorough Water System Analysis and Evaluation to ensure that virtually all potential concerns are adequately addressed, and that the risks to your company and your people are minimized to the greatest extent possible. We provide comprehensive findings, thoughtful assessments, and authoritative determinations of any potential problems, along with appropriate recommendations for any needed remediation efforts. In doing so, we provide the most valuable service of all: Peace of mind.