Many homes and businesses have backflow prevention assemblies (BPA’s) installed either at their service connection (at the water meter) and/or within their home or facility. These assemblies are installed to help protect the quality of water in the public water system by preventing the backflow of potentially contaminated water through cross connections. Per state regulations and plumbing code, BPAs must be performance tested on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly and to protect the public water supply.*


*State regulations and plumbing codes vary. Check with your local water authority for BPA testing guidelines in your community.

High Performance, Low Impact

HydroCorp personnel have the training and experience needed to execute device testing quickly and effectively, minimizing any customer impact. Our systematic testing approach is designed to accommodate the special needs of critical high-volume and commercial customers, and to enable comprehensive testing without any undue inconvenience to any customers. In the event that defects are found, HydroCorp will recommend appropriate repairs or facilitate device replacement by qualified service providers and purpose-suited replacement devices as needed.