With safety and regulatory compliance being the overriding goals, a HydroCorp survey enables facility managers, contractors and other stakeholders to gain a clear picture of your complete water/piping system and easily assess contamination risk.


Factors that can necessitate a thorough survey include:

  • Facility degree of hazard (determines inspection frequency schedule)
  • Change of facility usage
  • Additions, remodeling, or reconstruction
  • Transition from non-hazardous to hazardous classification
  • Changes in regulatory or reporting requirements
  • Addition or removal of equipment

In all cases, HydroCorp can rapidly develop a comprehensive system map that accurately illustrates your complete system. Potential problem areas can be quickly identified, making it easy to arrange follow-up inspections and remediation efforts if required.


Knowing how your customers access and transport water is essential in order to identify cross-connections, pinpoint possible sources of contamination—and stop it before it happens. HydroCorp’s thorough, methodical process helps make inspections accurate and hassle-free. A highly efficient protocol enables thorough inspections to be conducted quickly and economically, regardless of location, facility type and hazard level. Our trained, experienced inspectors provide a comprehensive report detailing compliance with local, state and federal standards, as well as a customized compliance action plan and maintenance recommendations for continual program compliance.

In the event that repairs or modifications are required in order to achieve compliance, HydroCorp can offer expert assistance in securing qualified contractors to perform the work.